Life in Canada

Canada is the second largest country in the world. More than 80% of Canadians live in cities and more than two-thirds of the population live within 100 kilometers of the southern border. Canadians have one of the highest standards of living in the world and rank in the top ten for the world’s happiest country!

Canada is known to be a welcoming and inclusive country that offers many opportunities for immigrants to settle, pursue their professional career, and establish their lives.

Embrace diversity and inclusivity with the Canadian lifestyle.

Study: Canada has some of the world's best universities, and obtaining a degree from a Canadian institution can be a valuable asset for your career. The application process may vary by institution, so it's important to research and plan accordingly.

Settlement: Canada offers a range of programs and services to help newcomers settle and integrate into Canadian society. These include language training, employment services, and assistance with finding housing.

Professional Career: Canada has a strong job market and offers many opportunities for skilled workers. However, it's important to ensure that your skills and qualifications are recognized in Canada, and you may need to obtain additional certification or licensing.

Lifestyle: Canada is a diverse and multicultural country, with many different communities and traditions. It's important to respect and celebrate the diversity of Canadian society.

Government Facilities: Canada offers a range of government services and programs to assist immigrants, including language training, settlement services, and support for refugees.

Insurance: It's important to obtain health insurance when you arrive in Canada, as healthcare can be expensive. Many employers offer group insurance plans, and there are also private insurance options available.

Working Life: Canadian workplaces value diversity and inclusivity, and many companies offer benefits such as paid vacation time, parental leave, and retirement savings plans.

Family Settlement: Canada offers family reunification programs that allow Canadian citizens and permanent residents to sponsor family members to come to Canada. It's important to understand the requirements and process for sponsorship.


We follow a dedicated approach towards our each and every client and assist them throughout their journey abroad.


We carefully evaluate suitable options for the right Institution based on education and skills attained.


We present your archives to the appropriate institution and request an Offer Letter.


We will proceed with the Visa Application after receiving the Letter of Acceptance from the Institution.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I consult a visa consultant after getting rejected from Canada?

Yes, you should consult a visa consultant. Because he will help you to apply again for the Canada visa process.

Why should Indian students study in other countries?

Foreign university degrees are generally held in high regard in India. It gives you an advantage over other applicants when applying for prestigious job positions in India.

Do I need to take an English test if I want to visit Canada?

Without a doubt, it is a necessary requirement for obtaining a Student Study Visa in Canada. You must take the PTE/IELTS exam.

What can I consider before selecting a visa consultant?

You must have to consider whether they are registered ICCRC members or not.

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